Learn TensorFlow.JS with us!

Bring deep learning demos of your research papers, commercial or side projects to the browsers!

Create interactive explanations and tutorials, using interactive environment!

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Use cases

Project demos

Show your last research project.
Convince your client with an interactive demo of your service.


Installation-free apps

Make it working on desktop (Win, Linux, macOX) and mobile.
Train offline in Python, show in JavaScript!

Real-time interaction

Use microphone and video inputs.
Interact with provided content is a smooth way.


Deliver AI solutions with privacy in mind.
Data stays on client side.

Get inspired!

Interactive Machine Learning list
by Piotr Migdał et al.


Daily dose of knowledge and news about AI in browser!


Our goals in words

Evangelization of TensorFlow.JS capabilities
Respect users privacy

data on the client’s machine
Bring Data Science to a broader group of creators
Open Data Science
for business
Build a community around bringing Machine Learning into the browser
Help to create ML interactive business demos and prototypes

Our goals in numbers

by end of 2019

People in the community

Live demos

Articles shared by community

Professionals educated

Get to know us 🙂

Karol Majek


Self-Driving Car and Mobile Robotics Engineer. Successfully participated in several competitions including DARPA VRC, ELROB, Eurathlon, Udacity Challenge, Self-Racing Cars. His interests are deep learning, mobile robotics, cloud.

Kamila Stępniowska

New Business Manager at 10Clouds – working with partners in Europe and the US. Before that workshop Manager at deepsense.io, Women Who Code Seattle Evangelist, Advisor at She’s Coding, SheWorx Steering. COO at Geek Girls Carrots (GGC).

Piotr Migdał, PhD

Independent data science consultant, with PhD in quantum physics. Focused on deep learning and interactive data visualizations. Believing in side projects, active in gifted education, created the Quantum Game (real quantum mechanics in your browser!)

Monika Koprowska

Data Science enthusiast with a passion for finding interesting stories and applications in the world driven by data. Gathered professional experience as the bridge between IT and business at Accenture and P&G. Embrace the philosophy of “pay it forward”.